Would you like some crochet fries with that? UK based artist Kate Jenkins creates some of the most innovative knitted art we’ve seen… and all with a humorous (if not tasty) twist. Just look at the fish platter she’s created above: although its made of yarn and sequins, it looks good enough to eat and has a 3D structure often difficult to realize with the soft medium.

With a collection of work that has garnered attention worldwide from a diverse demographic of collectors and galleries, her pieces often weave a fine line between the beautiful and the witty. While the fish above looks delicious and attractive, other examples take the form of familiar products with their tag-lines cleverly changed. Care for some “Sardines Crocheted in Tomato Sauce,” or some “Katez Tomato Stitchup?” For any lover of food art, this is heaven. You can see more of her artwork here.


FOOD ART kate jenkins fiber arts

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